Vanguard Magazine Archive

We are so excited to bring you the new Vanguard Collection, which was inspired by a series of magazines created and distributed in the 1970s that updated the Eritrean diaspora and the world on the Eritrean Struggle for Independence. Between the magazine's historical accounts from the ground, descriptions of the movement's shared guiding principles, and enumerated goals and hopes for a new country, these magazines offer a glimpse into what our parents' generation was fighting for and so badly wanted; why they were so proud when they persevered.

Perhaps the biggest thing I took from reading these archives is a new understanding of the Eritrean national consciousness - how our cultural ideals of community, honest criticism and self-sufficiency were built from scratch and cultivated over many years in close proximity ab maeda, at war, between comrades, by embodiment of the political war. I am able to see more clearly that our war was not just a political war, it was a cultural one, where anti-colonialist political ideals took root both in the culture and in the person. 

It gives me reason to believe that the recent uprisings in America have also taken root in the culture and have permanently changed its people.

In light of current events in Eritrea and Ethiopia, it is important now more than ever to be educated in our history, to understand the continuity in our struggles, how we got here, and what we were fighting for originally. Both for accountability and to avoid repeating a history that left so many dead and war torn. By immersing ourselves in these texts we are able to teleport, for a moment, into the shoes of our ancestors and perhaps leave with an understanding, a consciousness, we didn't share before.

We invite you to take a look at these archival magazines yourself, linked below, and join us in discussion. 



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